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  Dear Karen: I wanted to share with you the most amazing experience I had with my angels.  I have been on a journey filled with personal development and strengthening my spiritual awareness. In May and June, I was receiving numerous signs all relating to birds. The signs were coming at such a rapid rate that […]

feathers are signs from Angels

  Hi Karen, I went to the doctor today and when I came back home, I found many, lots of feathers in my living room. They were of different colours and sizes: white, gray, white and black, brown. I had never seen a lot of feathers inside my house. I have four dogs. I do […]

  Dear Karen, I have seen four white feathers in the past eighteen months.The first coincided with meeting my first love after forty years. We met at a church and after a while I walked off and wandered around the graveyard on my own, I walked toward a clearing that was surrounded by trees and […]

Dear Karen, Yesterday, I had the most surreal day…I am left still trying to digest and contemplate it. I work with dogs for a living, and find feathers now and then. I had heard they were indicators of Angels. Yesterday in 5 hours I found, in different places a TOTAL of 74 feathers! Some white, […]

Dear Karen,I have an ongoing story to share, and I hope those that read it understand the depths of the meaning. In 2004, my 20 year old daughter was murdered. Her son was 4 months old. I adopted him – I was all that he had. For the first 8 months after her death, all […]