Dear Karen,

I have always believed in Angels, as long as I can remember. Not long after my Father died, I found a feather in my garage. I was so excited by it, because my initial response was that it was from him letting me know he was around. I didn’t know at the time that feathers represented Angels around us, somehow I just felt that.

I would also see a lot of butterflies, when normally, they would never be around. Lately, I have been praying to God for guidance for my children and me. I always ask the Angels to travel with us, and be with us in everything we do.

I live in Canada and it is December 2nd, so all my windows are closed. However, this morning when I returned to my bedroom there was a feather sitting on my bedroom floor. I do know that when I went to bed it wasn’t there. At first, when I saw it I was excited. But when I saw that it was black, it scared me. I actually started to have anxiety because it looked like the feather from a crow. In my Catholic background, one black crow represents sorrow.

So, I’m not sure if I should be excited for this feather or not. I’m inclined to think that it’s the Angels way of letting me know that they hear my prayers for guidance and safety, or it’s my dad letting me know he’s here. I would love to hear what you think. I had a dream three nights ago, someone I know and care about died. So that’s not helping with my feelings of the feather.

I’m just very confused right now. Any insight would be appreciated.

M. Lethbridge

Dear M.,

It is always, always, always special when an Angel leaves you a feather. Many people contact me about finding black feathers and feeling a sense of doom with them. Angels do not announce pending doom. Angels come to announce the coming of great things.

I will tell you that in my experience, a black feather is a much stronger message. It is a sign that innately  tells us to pay attention. You have received your message, and the Angels are pleased. When black feathers come from Angels, it usually means a transition is coming. This major change is often at your soul level.

What does that mean? It means the Angels are with you, and want you to know changes are coming. The changes may be something that would normally cause you concern, but fear not. The Angels are fully aware of what is coming, and it is going to change who you are in a very positive way.

Everything in life can be seen from different perspectives, and it is important for you to stay positive in all situations. That message is for you, but also everyone. You can look at rain as something to slow you down, or can view it as an opportunity to stay in a get things done. Either way, rain is rain.

The Angels are pleased you know they are there, and they hear your prayers. Continue to communicate with them, and they will continue to show you signs throughout your life. Being able to see signs from Angels allows you to live life in synchronicity. Miracles really happen, and they can happen for you!

Blessings to you and all you,

About The Author

Angels are a major part of my life. Seven years ago, I took an "AngelSpeake" workshop offered through the local Adult Education Program. As a ACP, Angel Certified Practitioner, I teach other people how to communicate with their Angels. I receive signs from the Angels. Most come in the form of feathers. I thought I was unique with these blessings. As it turns out, there are people all over the world confirming the same signs. Blessings to you and all you do, Karen


  1. Thank you so much Karen, I have been waiting in great anticipation for your response. I feel so much better about the feather, and I have been praying for more. I am so excited to know that I have Angels around me…it brings great comfort. This is a wonderful site, keep up the great work, you have a way of bringing peace to people’s lives, so In a way, you are an Angel too. Take care. If I receive any more feathers, I’ll be sure and let you know.


    M. Lethbridge

  2. Thank you I get lots black feathers and was feeling wary.<3 xx

  3. yes ive come across 2 black feathers inside my generater work trolly of all places lol stuck to a chemical bottle!!
    i thought it meant death so i threw it in the bin!!

    nice to know its the opposite n will be keeping them in future and yes i have been asking my angels for signs

  4. Thank you I got a black feather last week when taking washing off a clothes horse and folding the clothes up – no way had they come from outside. I did feel very disturbed on seeing a black feather instead of a white one.
    My mum died 18 months ago and I think of her everyday. My dad died 47 years ago and I truly believe that they are now together.

    Jean Simmons

  5. I encountered a black feather sticking to my face last friday as I was getting into my car. I was a little concerned. What does this mean

  6. My tag line on my e-mail is-“Butterflies are angels in disguise–may you always have angels with you. A few days ago, and Eagle gave me one of her feathers–she swooped down to within 150 of my head, and dropped a tail feather that landed at my feet. There is no way, at least in my mind, that was an accident since I had been praying for a sign that things would get better with my family–The day after recieving the feather, good things started to happen– Angels are everywhere, and all one has to do is believe, and trust—

  7. I have been reading through all the different posts relating to seeing black feathers. I was introduced to Angels about 2 years ago, I am now meditating a lot more and enveloping myself in my spritual side. I have asked the angels for guidance of which they have provided and I thank them everyday. I keep seeing black and white feathers everywhere. I mean perhaps 2-3 a day on and off for the last 2 weeks. Its making me think that something is about to happen but I’m unsure of what and its scaring me a little. I have had a family complications but they were relaitvely small. I know feathers are a good sign. Its just that I’m seeing so many at the moment. More than ever.

    Any help is appreciated xxxxx

    • Dear Carly,

      Have NO fear when Angels are around. Your protection and guidance is their purpose. Feathers from Angels are ALWAYS a good sign. Even if it means huge transformations will happening. Keep working with your Angels, and take your questions to them by seeing them in your heart. Ask them to leave signs as answers to your questions. This works great.

      Many Blessings to you!
      ~ Karen

  8. I never knew about feathers being associated with angel signs until I met my last boyfriend. He always found white feathers and said they were signs of his loved ones that passed away. I was skeptical and assumed some of the feathers he found came from his pillow or something lame. Then one day I found this black feather on his floor. It wasn’t there earlier because I was staying at his place for the previous couple of weeks and cleaning for him. There was absolutely nothing in his place with black feathers. I searched high and low. I thought it was a bad sign when I found it because it wasn’t white. It may have been a sign we weren’t meant for each other because now we aren’t together. I’m going through a rough life changing time. It’s a really good change. It’s just amazing though…it was a few months ago that i found it. I’m 100% convinced of feathers being tied to angels.

    • Brandy,
      Once you begin to receive feathers from Angels, you can also begin to have a closer relationship with them. Spend quiet time listening with pen and paper. You will hear a voice in your head that sounds very much like you. Write what you hear … so it often. You will are hearing the Angels … it is as easy as that. It is fun. You will benefit from the guidance, and love the friendship.
      Many blessings,

  9. i was leaving to go to work this morning and in my path was one blackish/greyish feather a big one and then a few steps later another one. my dad died 6 months ago does it mean something else bad is going to happen

    • Dear Sarah,
      NO! Angels do not come with impending doom. Angels come with celebration of change, of excitement of what is going to be. Often, a black feather means major change. To some it may seem like doom, but truly we hold on to things that are not for our highest good. When we pray for assistance in our life, changes occur. Some of the changes seem a bit chaotic, but even thing in this world has rhythm and purpose.

      Be excited about your feathers, they truly are gifts! Be excited about your coming days, and the newness that is approaching. Know the Angels are with you, and you are protected, guided and loved.

      Ask for more signs from your Angels. They will come. The Angels want to assist you in knowing the amazing wonderful you!
      ~ Karen

      • Karen, Thanks for the reply im just a little wary but if something is goin to change for the better i will be happy as im still grieving for my dad

        • Dear Sarah,

          Grieving is so important. My Dad died suddenly, and I didn’t process it for 9 years. Anytime some spoke about him, I would burst into sobs. It was too hard for me to deal with … so I didn’t. I was chicken. Be brave, and cry … feel sad, and even robbed. Feel whatever you need to feel. Peace will come, little bits at first. There will be a day when you don’t think of him through the whole day, and then you will feel guilt … silly I know. This happened to me. It is ok to go on with your life, and be happy. Our parents would absolutely want this for us, we should want this for ourselves too. Be selfish right now … this is most likely your transformational time that will affect you at your soul level. I will keep you in my prayers.
          Love Karen

  10. i miss him so much its so hard its only really hitting me now but when im very down i always see a small white feather and think of him or one falls from the sky is it my dad passing on a message to me

  11. It is your Dad, and all your the Angels in Heaven. You are truly blessed. Most people don’t receive these signs. You must be a person with a very loving heart. Like attracts Like. ~ Karen

  12. a loving heart really thats a lovely thing to say to me it cheered me up a lot 🙂 having a bad day today thinking of my dad a lot

  13. I promise the days will get better. Somewhere along the way, we were taught to keep our emotions bottled up and to ourselves. Not sure whose idea that was, but it is so unhealthy. You are doing what you need to do to get through this. Don’t let anyone allow you to think otherwise… feel it, remember, smile, cry … sigh… sleep … smile again … Do you know how many people never had a Dad like yours? You are truly blessed. ~ Karen

  14. yeah some people have never had a dad orelse they lost there dad when there were young. its just sad he died at 61 and that he will never see his grandkids or our weddings hes going to miss all that.

  15. I know… my Dad died when he was 58 and my father-in-law died when he was 57. Interesting, today is my husband’s 58th birthday … I guess his father and father-in-law are sending him a birthday message. Thank you, Sarah, for being the catalyst for them. ~ Karen

  16. Really thats freaky isint it.thats a nice comfort though for you too. do you feel your dad around you all the time on specal important events in your life

  17. Whenever I think of him, he is here. That is the way it works. Now, my Mom is here too … she still brings tears … I think those tears are the kind that Mom’s get when they look at their children with their hearts full of love. This is very nice, thank you. ~ Karen

    • i saw a whiter feather this morning after writing a letter to my dad is it from him

      • It is from your Dad and your Angels. The Angels goal is to answer your prayers. If your prayer was to be with your Dad… or to receive a sign from him, they work to make that happen. Often, people say feathers are from their loved ones and that is the case … but the Angels are the catalyst. They have so much more ability to make things happen than our recently deceased loved ones.

        Know you are blessed with so much love from the Spirit World. And keep on writing, amazing things can happen as you put your intentions on paper.


  18. sorry i hope i did not upset you.

    take care and thanks


  19. Upset, don’t be silly … I am delighted to have my parents around me. Thank you ~ Karen

  20. hi my dad died but before he did he was going for an operation we went for some lunch and on the way back to the hospital a black feather was in my path when we got to the hospital we were told he had a panic attack and a few days later he died. was the feather warning me as i will always remember seeing it thinking something is wrong and i was right

  21. i asked my dad to help yesterday so i saw the feather today so is it a sign

  22. Sarah… yes. He will do what he can, but ask the Angels to help. As much as you love your father, and miss him … the Angels have so much more divine energy to make it happen. Continue to talk with your Dad … it not only comforts you, but him as well … he didn’t really want to leave you. He will always be with you. Use all the energies available to make the changes you are requesting. Then BELIEVE in yourself and the possibilities … and miracles will happen. ~ Karen

  23. karen, i wrote my dad another letter and i came out this morning and saw a small black feather on my route to the bus is this good

    • Sarah, All your feathers from the Angels are good. Angels are pure love. When you see a message from them, it is sent from love.

      They often represent lots of change. Know the Angels are with you, and ask them for some help. They are ready to spring into action.

      There are several posts in this blog about black feathers. Here is one, but do search at the top of the page.

      Spend time growing your relationship. It will change your life for the better.

      ~ Karen

      • Hi karen, i wrote a letter to my dad and told him im finding it very hard and bascially told him i miss him so much and that was somthing good going to happen to cheer me up.i asked him to tell the angels to drop a feather in the house so i would know then it was from him last night i swept the floor and when i got up to go to bed i looked down and there was a tiny white feather how it got in is a mystery but it brought me so much comfort. x

  24. i just went out on break there and loads of white feathers and black feather where blowing in front of me . i feel very excited something good must be going to happen

  25. Hi karen, i wrote a letter to my dad and told him im finding it very hard and bascially told him i miss him so much and that was somthing good going to happen to cheer me up.i asked him to tell the angels to drop a feather in the house so i would know then it was from him last night i swept the floor and when i got up to go to bed i looked down and there was a tiny white feather how it got in is a mystery but it brought me so much comfort. x

  26. Sarah, have you been working on building a two way communication with the Angels? Oracle cards and automatic writing are wonderful tools to use be able to talk with the Angels directly. They are reaching out to you so much … I do think it is time you become an Angel Communicator. ~ Karen

  27. In the past two years we have been having problems at our church. New minister and not so much of a rocky transition but a lot of division. Recently we have been seeing black feathers around a certain section of seats and in the hallway. One lady who works there found them in her car and around the driver door. Can you give me any clarity on this?

    • Black Feathers are known to be messages of transformation at a soul level. Often is seems ominous, but Angels come with love. The dark color is to show you the seriousness of the situation, but be assured the Angels are there helping in all situations. Sometimes we need to go through what seems like chaos to get to where we are meant to be. I believe this is happening to your whole congregation. Look at it as a wonderful thing … everything has divine timing. The Angels have come to let you know, there is no need to worry. Acceptance and love always works best when Black Feathers are involved. ~ Karen

      PS… I will add your church to my prayer list. Our church went through same sort of thing several times, and is now growing.

  28. my mam and dads first wedding annioversary was the other day i was at the sink and there was nothing there she went with a saucepan and a black feather appeared was it my dad passing her on a message for there anniversary

  29. Hi I was coming out of the mall parking lot last week and a black feather fell right in front of my face and I was going to pick it up and keep it because something inside of me was telling me to and that it was a sign or something, but my adoptive sister being an RN said to not touch it at all and that it might have diseases. At first I felt that something bad was going to happen because as we were going to the car that same day I noticed crows coming out of the tree and I thought something bad was going to happen. But I feel like the crows were a sign that she is the evil one because a lot of stuff has been happening to me with her and my adoptive family. and that the black feather is a sign from my biological grandfather because he is an angel from heaven. i feel like he is just letting me know he is watching over me, what should i do?

  30. Thank you so much for this! I lost my boyfriend to cancer on 2/29 and my only brother on 5/1. I am only 29 yrs old. I have really been struggling with my boyfriends death. I was with him when he took his last breath and I have constant signs from him and the angels ever since. I constantly see triple digits like 111, 222, 333, 444 etc. Tonight I walked out to my back porch and there was a big 6 inch feather. I have lived in my apts for 4 yrs and not once has that ever happened. It put a smile on my face after reading this thank you. I know he’s still with me. Its been tough but things like this help!

  31. I found a black feather in my bed when I woke up and it made me scratch my head a little, but then I remembered that I had a mask hanging above the bed made of black feathers. Sure enough, I saw where it had fallen from the mask, so I glued it back on. Too bad it wasn’t something awesome and significant like the above stories. For a minute there, I wanted it to be.

  32. im getting an awful lot of black feathers lately they seem to be everywhere what could they mean. i really am puzzled ive stopped getting white ones

    • Black feathers usually, but not always, mean changes are coming. Things are going to happen in your life that feel chaotic. Know the Angels are guiding you to and through this situation. It is important for your spiritual growth, and relax as you go through it. The more you trust and believe, the easier it will be to get through. The Angels are taking care of you … and receiving so many of them, they want to make sure you know.
      ~ Karen

  33. im receiving them the last two months but no big changes have happened i just miss my dad so much thats all as time goes by it gets harder

  34. Grieving is not easy. Some people make it look like it is, but there is a lot going on in the inside that no one can see. If it is getting too hard to bear, look for a support group in your area. They are experienced in assisting people with loss, and you won’t have to feel like you are doing this alone. Ask the Angels if this is something you would benefit from … ask them for a sign. Please remember not to be too hard on yourself … take time to love you … pamper you. Your Dad will be happy you did. ~ Karen

  35. ive dont counselling but it doesint help it doesint make him come back. its just sad hes not with us anymore i have his watch and his chain and i keep it with me all the time. its not that i cant cope its just they way people carry on like nothing has happened but something massive has happened my dad died at 61 suddenly it wasint expected. its very hard and if you talk about it people say you have to move on and not think about it but i want to think of my dad i dont want him to be forgotten. it was his first birthday since he died last week it was a hard and very sad day.

  36. I understand … some people are afraid to talk about our deceased loved ones because they feel like it will cause us more grief. They don’t know what to say or do. I lost both my parents, my father was only 58 … it was hard daily for a long time … then I would feel guilty for not thinking about him for fear he would be forgotten … it has been a long time now, and my heart has healed a lot … I still wish he was here to hug me, and tell me he loves me … to see his grandchildren grow … to see me grow … but he is with me in my heart, and I can feel his love around me when I think of him.

    One year is not a long time … do not judge the people around you too harshly … they don’t know the things to do or say to make you feel better, or they would. Nothing they do can make you feel better, only you can. And don’t judge yourself too harshly … losing unconditional love is not an easy thing. It can never be replaced … but your heart can heal when it is ready. Be patient and gentle to you. ~ Karen

    • remember i was telling you i was seeing black feathers all the time as it turns out my brother is in hospital hes been have mri scans. perhaps theese feathers were to warm me as when my dad went for his operation i saw one that day too and my life changed that day he died ten days later

      • I will add your brother to my prayer list. Know your Angels are there for support. Sit quietly, and visualize their wings wrapped around you. It will give you comfort and support. See them also wrapping your brother with their loving wings. This can do so much good for both of you. ~ Karen

  37. its not a year its only 8 months since he died. i do believe he is in heaven and that when im finding it very hard something unusual happens and i know its him tryin to confort me. im just concerned about all the black feathers

  38. i just find my life has stood still since my dad died nothing has changed everything is same im so fed up of it. all i can see is black feather around me and nothing has changed

  39. i was feeling very upset today so as my dad liked horses i picket out two to back i wrote them down on a piece of paper and went to bookies. when i took the piece of paper out a black feather came out of my bag what does this mean i was like how did that get there is that strange.can you get back to me please as soon as possible karen xx

  40. Hi, I thought I would share my experiences. In The New Year I told my husband that this is going to be our best year yet, but it’s going to be hard. I don’t know why I said that. Then over the next 8 weeks I suddenly started having panic attacks & lots of anxiety. (never had it before). I began to feel slightly better over a few weeks then I had a very important interview for college which could potentially change everything in the family home. I was getting ready for the interview then I found a tiny white feather. I never knew the meaning of feathers until looking if up after & realised I had been asking my late dad for help with everything. When I found this feather I picked it up & felt this warm tingling feeling & couldn’t help but smile. I lost it for a few seconds & felt instant panic but joy when I found it. I kept it. Ever since I have been seeing feathers everywhere. I keep walking past then thinking that its just a feather from the birds. Eventually there was one right next to my doorstep & I have again left it. Been there for weeks now. I have now picked it up because I walked outside my house & in between small stones was a big black feather somehow standing completely upright. Not laying flat. This has slightly scared me because it is black but I am hoping that it is just the angels getting frustrated with me & trying to make me notice. However, due to panic I have had the feeling of I’m not going to live long & the angels are warning me. Sorry for long story. (feel really stupid putting that last part).

    • The Angels are definitely trying to get your attention. Have you ever tried meditating? It could help you on so many levels. If you choose to, call the Angels to be with you … so you feel comforted and safe. You can also ask in the meditation why this is happening. Know the Angels are there watching over you. ~ Karen

  41. Hello;

    since I was little I would always smell a beautiful flower smell following me and my heart would fill with love, recently I had a spiritual awakening and as I was walking around in the yard with my book the same smell was following me, it’s beautiful but a white feather came down it wasn’t small by the time it clicked to me that it was from angels I went to loom for it but couldn’t find it. A few days after I was leaving for work and as I was putting my bag in the car a voice told me go there is a feather for you, as I went looking I found a long black feather:) and I kept it. I said thank you to my angels and for always being there for me, I
    love them everyone of my angels 🙂 there was also some negative influences trying to prevent me from my spiritual growth and I was muddled with emotions, plz add me to your prayer thank you. I feel at peace knowing my angels are here right by my side

    • Just wanted to share….this morning I asked the angels a question and ask them to show me a sign as feathers if the answer is yes, I found 2 white feathers, one of them was extremely long didn’t look like a bird feather wish I could upload a picture of it but it was older looking feather like an older powerful angel that’s what I sensed in my heart myb archangel Michael I don’t know 🙂 what does this mean would the feathers from angels would always be new and white or what do you say about the one I found?

  42. my brother went to see a medium my dad died suddenly and very young and he had a message for me to try and not be so down and try and move on with your life and mentioned my name.since that i keep seeing feathers everywhere what could they mean

  43. i was coming out of the place i had lunch with my boyfriend as i was coming out there was a black feather is this good or bad for us

  44. Hello. I was walking outside for a walk. I was praying in my head for a job and to be reunited with my love. I graduated with a bachelor degree almost a year ago. I am deaf also. As I looked down walking…I saw a feather and picked it up. I knew God is hearing my prayers. It is a long black/greyish with little white bottom and a white tip on top…what does it mean? Just wondering!!!! Thanks!

  45. Wow!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  46. Hi ive just seen a black feather at the moment me and my bf are having an argument he wants to leave his job and go to college and i want to buy a house and have a family, hes determined to do it but im seeing we will be very poor and four years is a long time. im scared of what is going to happen would the black feather mean we are doomed

  47. I’ve been going through a bit of a rocky patch lately. My boyfriend Split up with me for what seemed like no reason at all and I’ve been having difficulty at work. I start a new job in a few months but I’m feeling apprehensive at the thought of it. Anyway I was drying my hair tonight and noticed a dark feather on my bed. It was only small, sparse at the bottom but thick towards the end. I thought it was weird as I have all windows shut and also don’t use feather stuffed pillows. I read its a sign of doom 🙁 I hope not! Can anyone shed light on what this could mean for me? Thank you 🙂

    • It is not doom at all. Your Angels are letting your know big transitions are coming, and they have your back. No needs to worry, let them have the wheel. You are going to love where you are when you get there. Relax during the ride. ~ Karen

  48. i received a black feather today, all windows and doors closed ,after coming down from up stairs there it was on my kitchen floor , had many a white feather after my husband passed away but this is the first black feather, After reading your reasons i understand better , thank you.

  49. I found a black feather at my door does this mean bad news or are the Angels working with me ?

  50. I recently hosted the Archangels at my home for 5 days and the day they were to leave I found 33 black feathers in my front yard. 33 of them!! I’ve kept them all. I’m wondering what the significance is behind so many of them at one time?

  51. my grandad passed i was so close to him and miss him so much, i recentley begged him to just give me a sighn i belive if he can give me a sighn in anyway he would, litrally a few days later sat at a resturant i always used to go to with my grandad i was thinking about him right there and then a very small so fine and bdelicate black feather was between my feet and my mums and would go nowhere in the wind or anywhere (we were sat outside) i so want to belive it is my grandad reading these comments makes me cry with happiness!

  52. But that “change” the feather is announcing, could be good or bad? I found one while i was cooking, i’ve been feeling kinda sad, because i have this crush, a strong one lol and i’ve been feeling down because i don’t know what to think or do, even when my angels have been sending me a lot of positive signs that i can go ahead and give it a try with him (yes, i’m gay, that makes things a little bit more complicated lol), because i pray to my angels every night, and i receive thousands of positive signs everyday, but i still fearful! Now i got this black feather and i just don’t know what to do or think anymore! Any thoughts Karen? 🙂

    • Release your worries and concerns. That is the purpose of the black feather. The Angels are working with you to make the best possible outcome happen for you. Relax and enjoy the ride. If the road gets bumpy, put your Angel seatbelt on and let go of the steer wheel. When you work with Angels, learning to love yourself and forgive yourself and trust are the key lessons. Ask the Angels to help make that easy for you. ~ Karen

  53. My bf broke up with me 3 days ago. We have been together for almost 4 years and he just ended it with me because we are different religions. I keep seeing a lady bug in my house and today I found a black feather. I dont have any birds nor was there possibility that a bird could have gotten in I have screens in all windows, So im wondering if this is a positive or negative sign?

  54. After an argument today with my daughter I decided to take my dog for a long walk to clear my head. I look down and found a whiteish gray bird feather. Made me feel good as I picked it up and carried. Praying to my angels what is going on what should I do…was I wrong, was I right, will my prayers be answered since it don’t look that way at moment…..? As I walked, thoughts kept running thru my head why this, why that and what I want and have been praying for. I see a black bird feather sticking out of ground right near where my dog stops to do his . I also pick that up and keep walking. My mind is still racing and yelling and thoughts are going. I stop for a moment to check my cell for any messages and the one I was hoping to hear from was there. Relieved inside, at that moment, I look down in grass and I see another black feather with dark blue up the side with a white tip. More beautiful than the others. I also pick that up. Why so many on my walk today?? I know black feathers means major change but what? I keep walking home and on the side of my driveway I pick up the newspaper to bring inside and there are two more blackish feathers laying around by it. I have them all spread in my hand and wonder what are my angels telling me?? Why all these in my path today? I
    pray so hard for my angel signs to happen and with this argument today I felt its never gonna be. Are all these black feathers telling me buckle up for the bumpy ride and let them take the wheel for my prayers will be answered???

  55. i am been bullied in work at the moment for the last 9 months i was having a meetign with management yesterday and it didint go my way but before the meeting a white feather came from sky outocome of meeting was not good and this morning another white feather came from sky. my dad is in heaven and i cant understand why he is not helping me i am the victim and i feel they are not dealing with situation

    • Sarah, Know they are helping you and perhaps the best thing to happen for you is change. Look for a place that loves you for who you are, and appreciates you. This is when life is wonderful. ~ Karen

  56. An angelic hello to everyone! 🙂

    Yesterday I’ve found two black feathers in the library of my college.. I was there to study and all that..
    I’m at a point in my life where I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world and my life and everything is a reflection of ME. MiRRRRors!!!
    And still I don’t live as if I truly know it… I still nit-pick and sometimes torture myself with negative unhelpful thoughts and perpetuate old unhelpful beliefs and I experience a LOT of paradox; both in my thoughts and – of course – the mirror we call “life”.
    Well, right now it’s especially about.. feeling as if I cannot find someone I can truly relate to. As a girlfriend, you know? And the fact that there where TWO black feathers might have sth. to do with that. 🙂 (one of the feathers is smaller than the other, btw)

  57. I found/received a black/grey feather today in the kitchen. Should I be worried?

  58. Thank you Karen. I am so grateful.

  59. My husband colapsed and died at our garden gate a few weeks ago when we were returning from a night out, the next day a black/Grey feather, looks like a pigeon feather was at the part of the garden where his head hit the ground. It is still there even although the weather has been dreadful, is this a good sign as I am finding it impossible to accept him leaving me and don’t know what direction to carry on without him we were together for almost 50 years

  60. Karen, many thanks

  61. The other day I was walking down my path to my front door and there was a black and white feather sticking upright in the soil, like it had been planted there. What does this mean?

  62. i have been praying to the angels asking for guidence in our move to yhe uk and today while walking in my garden i found 3 black ones 2 small white ones and 3 small black/grey ones i was just reading some of ur comments and i feel these are signs they are looking out for us and i wanted to share this with you

  63. Hello, I’ve been getting messages from my angels mostly archangel Michael every single time I ask him a question he responds loud and clear 🙂 I had a dream I was pregnant but it wasn’t like most dreams it’s the kind I call a vision (I’ve had visions all my life the most common are about tornados about a week to 2 days before they happen and when people ask me questions I’ll see their answer in a vision like watching a movie preview only those happen while I’m awake ) so I was surprised when I had a pregnancy dream two days in a row in that context… (my tubes are tied) so obviously I had to ask Michael for his assistance for more answers/signs within hours I was outside and a tiny feather appeared where I had been looking (I looked away (heard a car) looked back) and where I had just been looking a tiny feather was laying there…. it was white next I went to the store and the first person I saw was a pregnant woman… then standing in line waiting to check out and a magazine fell I picked it up and the cover said “it’s a girl” … this was followed by more feathers and being woke up in the middle of the night at strange times when no alarm had been set (I even checked to make sure no alarm had been set) but I knew it was an answer I had prayed before falling asleep and asked for a response/sign… then a dove.. (I never see doves around here so that really stuck out) then the dreams about a positive test followed by a dream with 3 positive test… and today after praying and asking for more signs because I obviously am in shock that I could get pregnant with tubes tied but I am really thrilled at the same time and the messages I’m getting out of what the angels are telling me is my tubes being tied pretty much doesn’t matter It’s up to god to choose 🙂 so today the first time I went outside I was sitting down and after a few minuets a black feather ended up right next to me I was a little worried about that until I read your messages on black feathers. thank you so much 🙂 and to everyone who reads this have faith the angels are really there and they will respond and talk to you all you have to do is ask 🙂 as for me I am waiting to see what happens …whether or not I do have another child I am just happy and over joyed that I have such a strong connection with god and his angels I feel blessed everyday the angels are with me when I ask for their help and assistance with anything I need answers to.

  64. MY son Darren died in his bed 3 months ago, very suddenly, it had turned my world upside down. I found a black feather at my door recently what does this mean. Carol

  65. In my recent regular practice of healing work, during one of the sessions for a friend I felt like I should get in touch with Angels. I knew whatever the message I needed to get would reach to me. I also asked for a sign for their presence because I have had my share of fears in accepting the reality of the invisible (angels and spirits), yet I strongly believe they do exist.

    Two weeks , just out of nowhere, I saw a black feather. I was outside with a friend of mine. She saw it and gifted to me saying it as Prince’s luck. I was just grateful to receive a sign from teh Angels. Later that night I searched the Internet to find the meaning. I chanced about various articles, but it didnt satisfy me. Thankfully I eventually found your video on the black feather. I just kept crying and crying hearing with what you had to say. It just made things so much clear. I didnt say this before, but thank you for guiding me.

    There is something about the moon which just appeals and attracts to me. Today on my way to work, a route that I take everyday, I just stopped in the middle of the road. There was a black feather just lying there. As if it was meant for me only.

    I am just numbed by this entire experience. I wish to know: How do I understand the message my Angels are trying to convey to me. And also should I store these feathers as gifts or should they be released back?

    Thank you for all your guidance and help. I truly appreciate it <3

  66. Hello, this morning my brother was walking out the house as he did on the front door step he came across a paper with burnned bird feathers ..those this have to do anything with angels? Im scared it might be something else

  67. My 10 year old daughter, Avani, found a black feather in her room tonight…it was on top of a doll that my late granny had bought for my mother some years ago.

    • Melissa,
      How wonderful Angels are coming to her at such a young age. She must be a very special person. Perhaps an Earth Angel?

      Find comfort in knowing the Angels are with her making sure everything works out for her highest good.

      ~ Karen

  68. Dear Karen,

    Sept .20,2014 .I found a black feather in the kitchen . Can you tell me whats the message for me.!!!!


  69. Today, I was getting ready to go to bed and as I lay in bed, a sheet next to my unfolded itself, then it felt like a hand ran down it. I was so scared I got out of bed and went down stairs. When I finally built up the courage to go back up a black feather was lying on my bed in the center of my iPad, there’s no way it could have gotten there on it’s own. I am 15, and the only person I know who has passed is my Grandfather, I was young when he died though, I never got to know him well. Could it be him? Or could it be any angel?

  70. I received several “Blue, White & Black” mixed Feathers today while I was outside. The three colours were all mixed together on each of these when I found them – and I had never come across these mixed colours before in my entire life!
    I googled these and it denotes “change is on the horizon in one’s life who receives this”. I really hope that this is true as this is the last of the Feather colours I have yet to receive from my Angels.

  71. Lately I have been coming across feathers of lack,grey,green,green black,white hued feathers,and I rely on your meanings. It is a big help, guidance. Thankyou

  72. Hi..I am student today evening my results would come…today morning in my balcony a black noticed it as pigeons feather….does it is good or bad luck…what would be my results

  73. yesterday I was the beach and deep in thought as always and I came across like almost 6 white and black feathers what does this mean. all the exact same feather and colors. I have been praying a lot and writing a lot as well on things that people would call impossible.

  74. I have found a black feather where we are building an extension for my mum who has lost her husband my dad) and the next day it was at my back door when I hung the washing out I am hoping it is a sign that the building work will go ahead and that Mum will be happy

  75. Hello Karen,
    Yesterday when i came home i found a big feather in my room in my guineea pigs cage.
    I have never heard about this miracle before and at first in my mind was everything bad… because the window was not opened and I was asking how she came there… someone told my to make what you have to make if you find a .. spell-work… and also to say 3 times a prayer and put on her holy water. After that I heard that it’s from an Angel and I took it and I have washed it. After that she become very beautiful it’s mottled – striped white and gray. Tell me please it’s bad that I did what I heard about spell-work? I mean I did not known about this miracle.
    And when I remember that in the morning I was looked at sky and I was thinking how beautiful was before when people was receiving sings from God…
    God bless you all!

  76. I found a small black feather just sitting there by my pillow in plan sight, what could this mean?

  77. the first time I receive a feather it was black after that there were 2 white ones what dose that mean

  78. I have been finding feathers everywhere for about one year now. 2 Weeks ago I was in a meeting and walked out into the corridor and there was a orange feather sitting in the hallway. there were two doors to get in and it was through the second door, virtually impossible to get there. I get white grey and black feathers nearly every day. I have just found green peacock feathers last weekend. I keep the feathers generally. I have ill health and a busy hectic lifestyle with business to run. My mother started our business and passed 16 years ago. I feel like Im being told important stuff and Im just not getting it.

    • The Angel are there to help you. You have receive confirmation of that. You may ask them to be more clear in the specific message they would like to bring to you. I would also suggest listening to your heart. What would make your heart happy … like the rainbow of colors the Angels have been giving you? ~ Karen

  79. Hi Karen I have been going through a really hard time recently. My sons Father is trying to get and interdict against my partner who is my daughters father he is such an amazing dad to both children and treats them equally, he has been falsely accused of attempt murder on my uncle and has been put into prison on remand everything has been stressing me and worrying me so much because I know how much of a loving and caring father he is. His nephew passed away just before this accusation was made my partners nephew passed away I speak to him my father and my older brother for help a lot I truly believe in angels and I was finding white feathers all of the time but tonight just before I wrote this I found a long black feather just lieing in my hall way as I went to walk pass it I picked it up as I always admire feathers when they appear from no where but I would just like a little help from yourself to find out what is going on I am at my whitts end and it’s really dragging me down.

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Black Feathers are the Angels way of telling you they are with you through troubled times. Release your control and let go – Let God. The Angels have your back and you will be fine on the other side. Take care of yourself during this time. Blessings to you and all who you love.
      ~ Karen

  80. Thank you! On the 27th June, at the same time that a very sad “change” had taken place, this black feather mysteriously appeared. But it gave me strength… to feel guidance and strength. I suspected, this “change”. Knowledge of it came on the 29th, with the sighting of the feather, coinciding with Mars going out of retrograde and into Direct. Thank you for the assurance that it means having the Angels’ strength and guidance, and nothing dark. BLESSINGS!! and LOVE! 😀

  81. My mom past almost a month ago, it has been ruff. We planted roses n he memory and made nanas corner ( fountain and flowers in her memory) as we were diging the ground up we saw a black feather, I have heard these can appear when your loved ones are visiting you…. then a week later we were at my dad for th 4th of July as I was picking up the trash and used fireworks off the ground I came across another black feather… what could these mean.. is my mom still with me

  82. A few days ago I had a dream where I was outdoors and came across a black feather. I picked it up, and as I looked around I saw others – which I also collected with the intention of making a smudge fan. What was disturbing is that I also saw the bird, a crow, which was lying at final rest nearby – the apparent source of these feathers.

    About two weeks ago I was really outdoors, and came across a black and white feather. While I noticed it, I did not pick it up to save. Following the dream above, I became interested in the symbolism of feathers, and thought to go back a couple days ago and retrieve this one I had seen. Not surprising, it was no longer there. Then, this morning, my husband comes into the house to tell me he found a black and white feather next to one of the posts he had installed – we are remodeling our porch – it was same type of feather I had originally seen. Not sure what all this means; I’ve never dreamt of feathers nor had experiences like this.

  83. Dear Karen,

    I found a black feather right outside my house today. I have been manifesting something really important in my life and it is related to love; has this feather got to do anything with my manifestation?

    Eagerly waiting for your response.

    Lots of love; blessed be.

  84. Last Wednesday morning I received a feather black on top, grey in the middle & white on the bottom, just like a quill & a small white feather at doorstep. Also yesterday morning I received four little white feathers at doorstep. What’s that meaning?

  85. I Came home today to find multiple black feathers all offer my 5 acres… there were so many. I have been finding dimes like crazy and dreams that when I look them up say that we will be coming into alot of money!! so nice to find another thing to again confirm all this! thank you

  86. No matter what it was a small feather while lying on my bed i saw a feather like a combination of colored black and orange in my left hand. My first thought, i was lucky to have it holding for several minutes until i have decided to put the small feather in my colored orange wallet. When i tried putting a tape on it the feather was gone. Looking it again and can’t find it anymore. So strange for me because it was my first time until i researched what does it means for me? Thanks for that beautiful moment i had at least my thought would looking forward to be more positive outcome in life. We have different story to tell it has a perfect timing when it can be told.
    Orange feathers will bring you attraction and success! This is a sign that any new ideas or opportunities are approved by your Angels.

  87. For the last three months i have taking to walking my sons dog at the nearby park. It has two lovely ponds and lots of trees. I walk around the park for about 30 mins to 1 hour. Which i seem to be overly grateful for and wide eyed like a child noticing many things in the trees and bushes.
    Walking around the park was something i have never considered owing to a very arthritic right hip caused by an accident at 18 i am now 56. But lately i seem to be drawn / compelled to walk around the park for no particular reason.
    I read about feathers somewhere months ago but never ever noticed any feathers whilst walking. That all changed two days when i began to notice lots of feathers every walk i took. Grey white, Black, Blank n white, and small fluffy white feathers all on the same paths i walked before.
    I have started to tape them to writing paper and make some notes about where i found them and what i felt or noticed when i found them.
    I do recall a few weeks back i did make a call for help saying i cant bring about the wonderful changes i wish to see, i have tried and tried according to what i know but i need help, whether its from God, Jesus the son, the angels, the spirits, higher self or guardian angel.
    I agreed with myself that feathers mean to me freedom and the magic of flying and being able to see things from higher places (birds eye view)

  88. Hey there ^_^ Since last year, I’ve been seeing angel numbers. This started after I met my twin flame. We are apart right now. I asked the angels back then if he is my twin flame to send me a white feather and I received it and when I looked at my phone it was 3:33. Now, I asked twice if me and him will get married, and I received twice a black feather. I requested a grey one… I don’t really know what that means. Maybe they don’t want me to know the answer right now. I am going through these twin flame changes and sometimes it’s really overwhelming, plus we are in the runner chaser stage. It would be lovely to hear other people’s opinion 😀 I am still new to this.
    Blessings to all! ^_^

  89. My best friend passed away last week. I play for a football team with him, and it’s a huge part of our lives. The first game after he passed away, I found a black feather peeping out the top of my football sock. Hence why I searched for this page <3

  90. Yesterday I found three black feathers the first one was perfect and shiny. I found it in between the bags I’m collecting my recycle because my daughter’s birthday is next month. Then me and her went on a short walk together. While walking to the park I found a shorter perfect black feather I picked it up to keep. Then when walking back home I seen a third one, it was a big one bigger than the first one I found. All three are black crow feather and completely different from each other in size and shape. I am very found of black crow they speak to me all of the time they are my favorite bitds. What really touched me was the first one I found at 2:22 in the afternoon. On Saturday we went and bought some crystals and our total came out to 2222. I always get really happy and safe when I find a feather like my prayers are being answered and listen to but should I be concerned that they are 3 completely different sizes and shape.

  91. When u see black fleather flown on your living room . .. Thats mean a demon folow u

  92. Today in work I found a black feather inside a shoebox. I have been going through a rough time with my partner lately. We are in the midst of a break up but I’m sure there are feelings still there. I’m just hopeful that this is a good sign of things to come and that maybe everything will work out between us

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