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Feather Blessing Stories and More!

Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. Angels leave feathers as signs of their love. When you find a feather in your path, know that your Angels are with you.

People from all over the world are now experiencing signs, and have come to share their experiences. If you have a related story, we would love to hear it!

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White Feather Falls From the Sky

Dear Karen,

I walk our dogs over the hills especially when I need time alone to think things over. I have many questions at the moment and regularly feel I battle through it alone. I was standing on top of the hill where I really enjoy the view, a special little place to me. It had snowed heavy and the ground was covered in white however the sun was shining beautifully.

As I looked up with my two young pups standing close to me, I saw what looked like a bit of ash falling from high in the sky. There was no smoke, and as it driftered towards me I realised it was a pure white feather! Not a bird in the sky, dare I believe it was a angel? It felt real and was a lovely moment. I smiled all the way home!

What could this mean for me? Thank you, if it was my guardian Angel xx


Dear Emma,

Yes, this was certainly a message from the Angelic Realm. It was magical, and you knew it was more than just a feather falling from the sky. Believe it or not, these divine blessings happen to people all the time. Just like you explained, you were feeling low and sending your request out the Universe. At that moment, you gave permission for your Angels to be nearer.

What a wonderful moment when you begin to believe! It is real, and you can begin to build a relationship with your Angels. The gift of your first feather is sign that they are there. As you work with your Angels, you will receive many more kinds of signs. You will have divine guidance helping with your journey called life.

Many blessings to you. Thank you for sharing your story.
~ Karen

46 comments to White Feather Falls From the Sky

  • Marilee Roberts

    Whenever I take pictures with family, even our family pets, there are always these white globes surrounding or around whomever is in the picture. Sometimes the globes have been caught in the photo moving, like a white trail following the white globe. They are different sizes too.

    My feelings are that these are the energies of family and friends whom have passed; they come and visit from time to time. The love is always there. God shows us small miracles to impact our lives. Truly believe and keep the faith~!

  • Jean

    Dear Karen,

    I just wanted you to know what happened to me last year. My mum passed away 18 months ago whom I was very close to. I was her carer so I was there everyday for the past 7 years.
    She lived just round the path to me. I had to past her house where she lived to get to the post office. This day as I passed I was very upset and tears were streaming down my face. Coming back the same way I was dreading it happening again and then something happened. I saw a white feather and then another 17 in all, after seeing the last one I looked up and realised that I had past my mum’s house. Straight away I thanked her and knew it was her to let me know that she was with me and distracted my attention from feeling the way I did.

    It is very comforting to know that the Angels are there and I do believe in life after death.

    Thank you

    Jean Simmons

  • freda

    A white feather dropped in front of me while I was standing by my patio doors……..my uncle passed on a few weeks ago and I believe this to be him letting me know he is with me……

  • Ann

    Does it have to be a special sort of white feather? I have come across white fluffy feathers before. Do they mean anything?

    • Dear Ann,

      Some feathers are big, some are small. Some are so teeny tiny that you can barely see them. Some feathers are long and slender, some are full and fluffy.

      Feathers are the “Calling Cards” of the Angels. Right now there is a surgence of people waking to the knowledge that Angels are real. Receiving their feathers, and knowing their is more to them than just a feather, means it is happening to you too.

      People from all walks of life, rich & poor, young & old, men & women, are all receiving these signs from the Angels. Learn how to have a two way communication with them, and see how your life changes. They can not interfere without your permission, you have a gift of free will. Ask them to be more present in your life, and ask for more signs. They will come.

      ~ Karen

  • Kelly

    Dear Karen,

    This morning I asked for a sign from someone who has parted but who I never met when she was alive (sounds strange, I know!) I asked her to send me a sign of a feather or a butterfly if the answer to my question was yes. Within an hour or so of asking, I walked into my kitchen and as I looked down there was a small, fluffy grey feather at my feet! My mind is blown! I am confused though. Does it matter that the feather is not white?

    lots of love
    Kelly x

    • Dear Kelly,
      That’s the way they work. Keep asking for signs, and you will receive more and more. Once you are accustomed to seeing the signs, there is a beautiful rhythm and dance to your life. Things you ask for appear with amazing synchronicity.

      And, they most certainly do not need to be white feathers.

      Blessings ~ Karen

  • Kelly

    Hi kborga,

    Thanks so much for your reply, it really has helped. Just to update you, before I saw your reply post and was confused by the meaning of the grey feather so I asked for 100% confirmation that the feather was from my mother in law and that the answer to my question was yes. About an hour or so later, my eldest son was watching his programmes and there was a sketch with two girls on, which I’ve seen a few times. One girl had butterflies on her tee shirt and the girl next to her was called Val. I normally might not think much of this but I asked for a butterfly originally as sign and mother in law’s name is Val… Am I clutching at straws or is this the 100% confirmation I asked for?

    Many thanks and lots of love,
    Kelly xx

  • It is THAT EASY! Belief, and staying present to see the signs is what it takes. You got it!
    ~ Karen

  • georgina williamas

    Hi Karen, i have ben lost for such a long time and am now trying to find myself, i have stated to go Reiki which has helped me alot and for the past month i have been receiving Feathers some big n some small i even found 6 white feathers last week in the space of an hour or so does what does that mean



    • Georgina,
      Begin to develop a two way communication with your Angels. Start talking to them when you are alone … I talk to them in public now, but you can work up to that. Ask them for more confirmation which is always helpful in believing in the beginning. Remember to ask them for things… they are there waiting in the wings to assist you.
      ~ Karen

  • georgina williamas

    Hi Karen, i have all the feathers that i found today in a bowl should i put the rest that i have found over the past four weeks or should i keep them separate and also am i meant to keep them or leave them where i see them? I have sat quietly with the feathers i have received today and asked them to show me a sign to tell me why they have come if for a special reason or just to love and protect me.



  • dean darley

    Hello, my other half’s sister called Nicola past away 6 week ago. I have heard someone call my name at home twice since, then the second time it happened her favorite song came on the music straight after. Now this evening walking to the shop at the end of our street a little white feather fell straight in front of my eyes but I didn’t see any birds around.Just thought I would tell you about this

  • Jody

    I had a feather fall in front of me and my mom yesterday . She has been battling cancer for the past year. This just helped confirm that we have angels watching over us. She is having a twenty hour surgery next week. And we were sitting on here porch talking about it and the fluffy white feather fell next to her.. And we were instantly warmed and felt like everything is going to be ok<3

  • Hannah

    Hi my daughter who is 1 years old started having seizures a month a go, took her hospital and had lots of scans it turns out that she has a long term disease called tuberous sclerosis. Every person with this disease it effects differently there is a wide spectrum. Since leaving hospital I have seen white feathers falling at least once a week sometimes more. I got in the car today and there one was in front of me. Does this means there are angels looking after her???

    • Ask the Angels for assistance… give them permission to help. They can not interfere without our permission. I would also suggest you ask your daughter to ask too … I know she is one … but you could make it like a question perhaps… would you like the Angels to help you get better? I will add her to my prayer list. The Angels are with you too… ask for strength, patience, and peace.

      ~ Karen

  • Sally

    Was sitting under my patio not a bird in sight and a little white feather fell on me had the strangest sensation what does this mean

  • Bonnie

    My ex boyfriend was killed yesterday in a tragic car accident….I haven’t spoke to him in a few months but when I heard about the accident I sent him a text message (knowing he couldn’t reply) expressing that I still loved him and my heart is broken!!! An hour after I sent the message, I was crying on the phone to my mom and a tiny white feather fell from my ceiling….could this be his way of replying to my message?? I am so upset and desperately trying to feel close to him!

    • He is definitely reaching out to you now. Feathers often appear after someone has passed. I believe it is a way that Angels assist deceased loved ones in reaching us. Spirit can use electric to give messages too … flashing lights … computer glitches. Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  • Bonnie

    Thank you so much for replying…..and how strange that you put that about electric….as I sent you the message last night crying in my bed, the lamp light flickered an I thought my bulb must be going! You have no idea how comforted I feel knowing that he has been around! Thank you so so much – bonnie

  • linda

    as i was in my car at traffic lights i small white feather fell onto the car bonnet. I believe this was someone who has passed away but how do i know who it is ?

  • CEL


    Last night I had a vivid dream where a very large and strong white feather came down from the sky. It encouraged me to grab onto its strong brown ‘stem’ – which I hesitantly did and I immediately started going up (the feather’s force was very strong and it was also windy outside at dusk). There were some people I didn’t know below getting smaller – but as I was going up further and further, I realized I did not want to go any higher (fear) and let go and was relieved to come down again. Do you have any thoughts as to what this might symbolize?

    My ex is visiting me and our 4 year old son now from Europe. Life is unsettled.

    Thank you.

    • Your Angels are letting you know they are there giving you strength. Ask them for more assistance, they cannot interfere without your permission. Talk to them as if they were sitting next to you … they are. It should be very comforting to know they made sure you received this message.

      Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  • sarah

    i was leaving to go to work this morning i dont like going to work as im been bullied just as i turned the corner a white feather fell from sky what does it mean does it mean things will work out for me or what? if you could reply please

  • Angels contact us to comfort us and also to let us know they are there to assist us. Consult the Angels with your concerns … they are there to be of service. Then trust that things will be taken care of. Smile knowing you have an army of Angels on your side.

    Many blessings to you ~ Karen

  • mel n veza

    hi there me and my sister was walking in town today and as we was chatting away a white n grey feather fell in front of her by her feet!! is this a sign of an angel for her? if you could reply please i would be greatfull x

  • mel n veza

    hi there kborga thanks for the reply to my question i would be greatfull if you could help us out how to give our angels permission into our lives!! regards mel n veza

    • All you have to do … is say “Angels, I give you permission to be an active part of my life.” We, as humans, have been given the gift of free-will. Angels can not interfere without permission. I ask them for assistance for every little thing. Once you see you can receive the little things, start asking for the big ones. ~ Karen

  • sarah

    im been bullied at work and i keep seeing black feathers does this mean it will come to an end as i reported it

    • Black feathers mean changes for your highest outcome. Sometimes the road is rocky on the way. Just trust the Angels have everything under control, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. ~ Karen, The Angel Lady

  • Rain

    This happened in 7 / 12 / 2012.

    I always get messages from angels but that day I got the most important and the biggest message ..

    I was walking with my dog and I noticed that the birds werent around and that they were trying to hide in the trees .. I thought it was going to rain ..

    I was walking under an electric light when I heard a noisy voice …like a thunder.. I thought there was a kind of problem with the light so I started to run .. when I turned back, I saw hundreds of pure white feathers falling from the sky .. Lots of feathers..
    Meanwhile, one of my neighbours saw these feathers.. It was just that time when I was struggling to tell her about angels or not (because I thought she wouldnt understand me) she said it was a message for me and told me to gather those feathers and put them into a jar .. Thats what I did..

    It is 2014 now I still hve the feathers..I wrote emails about this to lots of people who said to be working with angels ..but no replies…

    I still dont know what the message was or what it meant..

    • The Angels gave you a clear sign they were with you. I know someone else who experienced being showered with white feathers. That is truly a gift. We have free-will and can choose to work closely with Angels, or not. I would think you might want to give it a try, they sure did want to get your attention. When you build a stronger connection, you will find the reason. Or maybe that is the reason. ~ Karen

  • Steven

    That was beautiful. Yes it was from an angel. It’s ironic I just came fron the garden and I was thinking a white feather floated down in front of me about an hour ago. I usually take pictures of them and collect them.
    I hope it made you feel loved because you are

  • Lyn

    A white feather dropped from the sky in between myself and my man, we have both been going through separations from previous long term partners and are both feeling stressed and worried about the future…does the falling of the feather mean our angels are watching over us? I’ve always believed in Angels, however this is the first time I’ve ever had a white feather fall,to me in this manner – thank you for guidance on this x

  • Ann Jones

    I’ve just lost my beloved brother in a tragic accident. How do I know he’s happy where he is? Many thanks

    • Ann,
      He is absolutely okay. When we leave our bodies we are released of physical form and so much more. He is in peace and filled with love.

      He will come to you with a sign or in a dream. You might have to give him time. Sudden deaths can take a bit of orientation just to get adjusted. Although, during this adjustment time he still maybe able to reach you. Ask the Angels to help him bring you a sign that he is okay. They will be glad to help.

      ~ Karen Borga

  • Ann Jones

    Thank you so much Karen X

  • Hi was taking a class box fit and at the end of class we meditate I strongly ask the universe that I was ready to connect and bring me that special person in my life and now I was ready to receive as we finished I went out side took my t shirt of to have a swim stuck to my chest was a white feather what does this mean

  • ruth

    A white feather fell onto a table between me and my husband who I am separated from. He picked it up and kept it. 1 hour later in a different place one landed between us on my cars bonnet. He gave this one to me and told me to put it some where safe. I wondered whether this could be the Angels telling us not to go our different ways. I now keep finding feathers on my doorstep.

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