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Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near. Angels leave feathers as signs of their love. When you find a feather in your path, know that your Angels are with you.

People from all over the world are now experiencing signs, and have come to share their experiences. If you have a related story, we would love to hear it!

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three feathers from angels

three feathers from angels

three feathers from angels

I have been focused on Feather Blessings by Signs of Angels, inc. I eat, drink & sleep her. Yesterday was a great day. I began the website. I woke up this morning, and my energy was singing… if you have done energy work, you know what I am referring to…

After I poured my tea, I went out front to throw garbage in the can that was at the curb. Can you guess what was on the lawn? Yep. A big feather. Of course I was thankful… and I thought… could there me another one? I turn around, and of course, yes!

So, now I walk to the garbage.. thinking … I would love one more… may I please have one more? I looked around… none… but I did see a piece of garbage on the curb … so I thought I would throw it out, too. Guess what was laying right next to the garbage? A little tiny feather… it was hard for me to see… so I had to go over to find it!

Does this happen to you too? All the time for me! Amazing… thank you!

3 comments to Angel Blessings for Today

  • Janet

    I have been thinking a great deal lately about angels and messages from angels.
    This wasn’t exactly an ephiphany. The fact of the matter is that an old friend (a very dear friend)with whom I have lost contact with, but certainly not admiration for(that has grown!!)has given believers an avenue to share their beliefs and happenings as far as angelic communications.
    So, for lack of a better phrase, I decided to take that road/take that avenue and let myself open to this.
    There had been a lot of discord at my house about finances, or lack of, and it has also been extremely busy and chaotic at my job. To put it simply, I have been a “stressed out” mess.
    Today at work, I was sitting at my desk and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There was something white on my black shirt. I reached down to remove the object and discovered that it was the tiniest little white feather that I ever did see. It was absolutely adorable!
    At that moment, I experienced such joy knowing that I let myself open to such happenings. I was convinced this was some sort of a message but didn’t know what. I was excited!
    Within a half an hour’s time, my boss announced to us that we were getting back 3 % of the 10% pay cut that we had experienced last December.
    The “old me” would have probably grumbled and said to myself something like “3%, is that all?” but the “new and improved me” said to myself, “well that is 3% more than I had yesterday!’ and am very thankful for that. :)

  • Signs were the beginning for me. They are a confirmation to so much more than we can see. Once you can recognize them for what they are, the signs come more frequently. You begin to trust and believe. Once you totally believe, you live a life of divine guidance.

    You have just recognized your incredible journey. We are all on a path… once we notice … become aware to what is around us… life changes…

    I recommend you continue to journal your confirmations. It will allow you the ability to look back at all the wonderful signs you have been given… and allow you to be continually grateful.
    I would be honored to have you submit them here.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings to you and all you do!

  • Janet,

    How has it been going? Are you keeping in touch with your Angels?


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